Nike Zoom Freak 3

Hey Guys! Right this moment we take an in depth have a look at the Nike Zoom Freak 3.

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22 thoughts on “Nike Zoom Freak 3

  1. Sean Irick says:

    For the nike by you, Man this sucks that Nike stopped doing this all of a sudden for this shoe. Why? Idk. Its sucks tho because i was looking forward to it allot. I already had mine made on the app. Then they just stopped it all of a sudden before the release date even happened. Right now they only do it for the kyrie shoes.

  2. Mateos Lopez says:

    You DEF know your SHhhh*t, made some Great & Valid Points on the Shoe's Design, that in turn Affects Performace.
    Iono about er'body else but I say Nike is Sleepin' on you & your badass input!
    Great vid as Always, Duece!

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