10 thoughts on “BALENCIAGA SPEED 2.0 STRETCH-KNIT: Unboxing, review & on

  1. iliendo says:

    It's called no memory because the foam goes back to its original shape when you take them off. So the shape basically stays brand new forever

  2. Cassandra Renee XOXO says:

    These shoes are amazingly comfortable and I own two pair….of course to each is own but you keep saying oh it’s not worth it but if you can afford it then who am at to judge…Lyon sound like you’re judging! All luxury items are somewhat for the name so you knew that but it’s always for the experience. Yeah you can go buy your Nike, but they aren’t going to repair your shoe or when replace it if something wears or gets damaged….Balenciaga will and has! That’s the different with luxury items and some of us can afford them and we appreciate the quality and the customer service. I appreciate having a warranty on my items. Most of my luxury items I’ve had for years and are in great shape so it pays for itself!

  3. koy pond says:

    Are these sneakers worth buying in 2021? I don't see people wearing these anymore. I see Balenicaga increased the price of these Speed Trainers. They now cost $995. My God! Why it cost so much? Its made of knit and rubber not leather. Would you say these sneakers are trendy or classic. I did buy a pair, but I think I want to return them. Too expensive. After watching your review, maybe I should return mine. I'm not even sure if I'll get my cost per wear. I do like them with skinny jeans. They look so good on. Decisions… Decisions.

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