MLO Shoes: 6 Month Review #shoereview

After six months of carrying MLO footwear, how have they held up? Tune in to see if these footwear needs to be an addition to your shoe assortment. Thanks for your entire feedback, likes, and subscriptions.

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10 thoughts on “MLO Shoes: 6 Month Review #shoereview

  1. Fuzzy Camero says:

    i wouldn’t pay $70 for MLO shoes. $40 would be the good fair price. MLO did advertise them really good, but the shoe- you can get elsewhere for $20 including shipping..

  2. Josh Shephard says:

    I'm glad I saw this video for multiple reasons. I was interested in them till you shared the Ali Express comment, and yep. Found the exact shoes. Definitely rather save money on them. I get the business model, but why spend $60+ when I can get them cheaper essentially.

    Also thanks for reviewing these btw, the most common thing I've seen within a few videos is the lack of grip on some shoes which concerns me.

  3. Parker Smith says:

    I always get complements. A lot people at my school wanted to know what they were so they could buy them. I love the shoes, but I don’t know how long they will last.

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