What is the vulcanization and how is it affecting the sneakers?

What is vulcanization and how is it affecting sports shoes?

What is vulcanization?

Meanwhile, it is a process invented by Charles Goodyear in the first half of the 19th century.

It is a chemical process that is applied to rubber, MR. Goodyear had invented a type, today the processes have changed as well as the uses.

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Thanks to vulcanization, rubber acquires greater resistance to the effects of atmospheric oxygen and many chemicals.

We are interested in this process because it is linked to shoes!

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Mainly the sole, in the meantime it must be said that rubber coming from the tires is used, therefore also towards the environment there is a small saving, and then it has been seen that the sole becomes much more resistant than the type of rubber usually used.

The vulcanization process cooks the rubber compounds at temperatures ranging from 180 to 220 ° C. or 680°F to 806°F

The shoes thus obtained are particularly resistant to tearing and non-slip: it is like having two tires.

This is why more and more sports shoes have vulcanized rubber soles, especially useful for those who do outdoor activities and deal with thermal excursions and surfaces that can cause abrasions or create difficulties in adherence.
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