These Sneakers SOLD for WHAT?! 2022 Sneaker Releases

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In right this moment’s weekly warmth we speak about upcoming YEEZY releases, the LV Nike AF1 auctions and extra 2022 !

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23 thoughts on “These Sneakers SOLD for WHAT?! 2022 Sneaker Releases

  1. Mad Rush says:

    People seem to really love this. That's encouraging. It's not for me. I liked the time-consuming editing and scripting of the old video style. They were way more succinct. To the point. Very well made. I probably wouldn't watch this format, tbh. It's giving me motion sickness. I'll keep watching your content in the OG style, tho. I hate the live stuff, too, when YouTubers respond to people's comments in real time. Boring!

  2. Henry Lo says:

    Hey Seth, have you cook on secret Sauce yet??? if so what have you won? Thanks for sharing and testimonial.

  3. Brandon Gorr says:

    love the vids bro i like the direction your going and info to help me out! Much love bro

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