Sneakers when to wear?

Sneakers when to wear?šŸ¤”

They have now gone beyond fashion and have become shoes to wear more and more often, and even older people prefer them on less busy days. Just go and see the hashtag “Sneakers” and you will find that it is followed by over 60 million people on Instagram alone. Not only did they win over boys and girls, but higher-end men and women as well.

Sneakers are essentially the evolution of the gym shoes, generally have more technical fabrics, and are distinguished by higher soles, then generally they are very worked, now the sounds with skeleton work go a lot, which among other things offers exceptional cushioning.

But the question we want to answer is when to wear sneakers?

We exclude evenings and more formal occasions, therefore ceremonies where you are the protagonists (for example communion), or dinners in elegant restaurants, or even invitations at home from less known people or more formal invitations.

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Sneakers always have many colors, so they can go well combined with jeans, and maybe a shirt but in a solid color, or a single-color shirt, otherwise, you risk making the clown effect, even with tracksuits, as long as they have colors that recall the shoe. Generally, if they do not have too many colors, or are sober, they can also be worn with a single-color jacket and more classic trousers, you will make a great impression, or with a classic leather jacket!

Keep them clean!

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In general, a clean shoe is always beautiful, even sneakers can be cleaned, how? There are laundries, but also special washes on the latest generation washing machines. Otherwise by hand! Take a damp cloth with warm water and wipe the entire upper part of the shoe. Generally, even those in fabric do not get damaged, then dry them in the open air, but avoid direct sunlight, or at home, away from heat sources.

Beware of following trends!

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Our personal advice is to avoid following sneakers that are currently in fashion. Because in any case, they are an investment, some easily exceed $ 300, and maybe they are tooĀ particular, consequently, it will end up that they will last 1/2 seasons at the most and will end their cycle, we know that it is difficult for children to give up the model in vogue this year! So wear your preferred sneakersšŸ˜Š
It is necessary to consider the life of a shoe for at least 3/4 seasons, also to have an eye on the environment, in fact, shoes, in general, are difficult to recycle or take the good parts.

At work.

Unless you have a high-profile role, the sneakers should be worn with sobriety, otherwise, your garment will look at you wrong! Maybe with a blazer and more elegant trousers, or it depends on what work you do with a printed t-shirt or checked shirt.

The classic Sneakers.

In every male or female wardrobe, the WHITE sneakers should not be missing! A classic that always matches easily and is very fashionable in spring or early summer, when the temperatures are not very high. Put them under slim-type jeans and maybe create a Pin Roll effect, this also applies to winter, the important thing is to use a ghost-like sock, otherwise, you risk an effect that instead of highlighting the sneakers, creates an effect of general disorder.

Today they are also worn by stars in general, proving that their comfort and versatility have won over the big forward.

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What if they no longer like it?

Today there are many platforms, even specialized ones where you can sell sneakers, like eBay, Vinted.
So long live the Sneakers! Thanks for reading.