6 thoughts on “Average Guy's Balenciaga Track Marlboro Red Unboxing!!

  1. George Wogell says:

    Hi, it would mean a lot to me to help me with the size. I've been wanting to buy a Balenciaga track for a long time but I can't decide on the size, I've researched and seen many people say the number down because compared to other brands of Balenciaga sneakers are in bigger molds while some say they are the right size. My EU number is 46 for Nike, for example, but we all know that Nike folds small molds, so now I'm wondering if I should take 45 or 46? My foot is between 29.5 cm and 30 cm, and as far as I know the size 46 is 30.5 cm will it be big for me? Thanks and sorry for taking so long, but I don't know what to do, I searched so hard and couldn't find a solution ?!

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