The sneakers you should buy as an investment.

The sneakers you should buy as an investment.🤑

Who does not know, the saga of the Italian-American boxer Rocky Balboa?

A saga for fans that made history and the fortune of the protagonist Silvester Stallone. After 45 years from the release of the first film, the Italian house Diadora and Philadelphia artist Keith Shore have created a line consisting of 3 shoes, where they celebrate Rocky and his symbolic opponents🥊.

diadora rocky celebration

We pass from the historic Apollo Creed to Clubber Lang, to the legendary Ivan Drago.

 ivan drago sneaker

It starts with the Diadora N9002 sneakers and is then customized with red and blue for Apollo, Red and yellow for Drago, and blue and white for clubber.

clubber sneaker


  • They are very comfortable sneakers in suede material.
  • On the tongue, they have the name of the opponent
  • In the inner sole, there’s a scene of the match reproduced.
  • A small keychain depicting the opponent’s head.
  • The rocky logo embroidered on the shoe, the boxer’s face in the back.
  • The themed box, in blue and red with the faces of the fighters and the most famous phrases inside!

back of clubber shoe

Where do we find them?

Good question Diadora has granted them exclusively to footlocker and its affiliated stores at a price of about $ 120 the hunt has begun, some collectible shoes are already promised!

Thank’s for reading!