5 Best WIDE FEET Sneakers in 2021 (Casual / Lifestyle Selection)

As we speak let’s go over a few of my favourite sneakers that I really feel WORKS for individuals with extensive toes (like me). Take pleasure in!

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23 thoughts on “5 Best WIDE FEET Sneakers in 2021 (Casual / Lifestyle Selection)

  1. Gyro Zeppeli says:

    I’ve been looking far and wide for wide shoes because I’ve been using crocs for about 3 years and it difficult to turn back to shoes but I still want to

  2. pipesmoker67 says:

    ……Carlo, how do you make a video on shoes for wide feet and not mention shoe width? Example, my feet require 4E width size of larger. Are you just stuffing your feet in a standard size (D width) shoe?
    ……Viewer, If your foot is wide, Nike doesn't offer a shoe for you. Period. They don't make wide shoes. If you want to waste money on a Nike that is too narrow, uncomfortable and will rip out on the sides quickly; go ahead and continue trying to be the "Fashion Dish" you never will be anyway.
    …..Once you have grown up and are ready to make big boy decisions, measure both of your feet. Yes, both. Feet are always a bit different in size. Find a shoe brand that makes shoes in you width. The wider your foot, the lesser choices you have. If you are 2E or less, most brands can accommodate you. If you are 4E or wider, here are the few choices you have and only online purchasing available. You will have a hard time finding shoes this wide in stores.
    1. New Balance for Sneakers and Sports shoes
    2. Thorogood for work boots
    3. Propet is a lesser know brand to younger people but they have a lot of styles of shoes for very wide feet.
    4. Work America brand is a good product with some styles up to 6E
    5. Executive Imperial for dress shoes. They have been around a long time and used to be a better product. Then they moved production to China. Still, nice wide shoes.
    …….So, the next time you are at a shoe store, ask the oldest person that works there to properly measure your feet(2, remember?). Remember, or better, write down your feet length AND width. Go online and order. And, I know fashion is an intoxicating habit, but do try to remember that those $300 style only costs the company $1 to make. Nike's biggest expense, by far, is on advertising; not the product. The product is not that high in quality.

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