Top 10 Puma Shoes In 2021!!

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I’m an 19 yr outdated that makes Sneaker Movies, Disc Golf Movies, and a lot extra!! I take pleasure in gathering sneakers, hanging out with the folks I really like, and making . Movies.

Shoe Dimension – Mens 8.5, Womens 10
Shirt Dimension – s
Sock Dimension- s
Quick/Pant Dimension- Additional Small or Small
For Enterprise Inquiries my E.: ytlegitimate..


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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Puma Shoes In 2021!!

  1. Cristian B says:

    I've had a lot of Puma shoes.
    Rebound Mid different colors, white, black, blue, green;
    Smash, v2 i think, white, black ones;
    i had a pair of Speed 1000 Ignite orange (today's Nitro) i really liked those shoes, they were great to walk all day in it, to bad i don't find them anymore;
    I have Sky LX Public Enemy edition, they look really awesome, white with red;
    Couple of Ralph Sampson mid, one entirely black, another black with white stripe and yellow accents and my favourite one: white with half a shoe orange accents and the other half with black accents, really gorgeous;
    2 pairs Rebound Joy mid, one white with black stripe, the other one red with white stripe;
    Recently i bought X Ray black and X Ray 2, black with yellow&blue accents.
    In total i have 10 pairs, all of them Puma. 9 shoes and one pair of dark brown boots for winter. I have a weekness for Puma, shoes, hoodies, hats and a lot of t-shirts.
    I have a thing for Puma that even my coworkers and friends already know, if a have a delivery, they are Puma products (and friends started to wear Puma after seeing me buying all the time 😄)

  2. Newman Boomin says:

    Bro all the specs for the RSX's are so sick. I'm loving the retro color combinations. I'm looking at buying either the Arcade, Tetris, or the NASA Space Agency spec with the chrome, red, white and blue. Nice collection!

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