5 Common Mistakes When Doing Banded Glute Workouts

With the rise of house exercises, mini bands (aka booty bands) have gotten more and more well-liked. Their low-cost, lightweight, go-anyw. versatility makes them an excellent choice for glute exercises while you don’t have heavier weights available. 

As you scan the Web for glute-band workouts, you could find over 4 million leads to lower than a second. What none of them let you know, nonetheless, are the highest errors that may contribute to a lot of work with minimal outcomes and even accidents. 

Whether or not your purpose is to tone up, construct bottom power, or enhance operating endurance, efficient glute work is important. So take a second to tweak your booty-band exercises primarily based on these high 5 errors.

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1. Utilizing Too-Heavy Bands 

Extra will not be at all times higher. If you use bands which can be too heavy (that means too tight), your physique will compensate and name upon different muscle mass to do jobs that they weren’t meant for.

For a lot of glute workouts, the physique will begin recruiting the TFL (tensor fasciae latae). This muscle, situated on the outer entrance portion of your hip area, is related to your IT Band. In the event you begin to expertise steadily rising discomfort and tightness operating down your outer thigh or pinching within the entrance of your hips, it is a signal that your glutes actually aren’t getting the exercise you meant. The easy answer is dropping the band weight.

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2. Simply Going By the Motions

In the event you work out alone, it’s straightforward to zone out or attend to distractions. In the event you work out in teams, it’s straightforward to neglect concerning the train method as you jam to the music or interact in group chatter. To get essentially the most of booty band workouts, nonetheless, you want to be intentional and particular.

As you do your glute-band exercises, be intentional by consciously squeezing your glutes earlier than each transfer. In the event you’re already in movement, it’s too late to get essentially the most out of each rep. 

3. Permitting Your Again to Arch

Whether or not you’re doing glute bridges or squats, your decrease again would love to assist! This may result in low-back discomfort and presumably accidents over time.

Don’t give your again this opportunity to take over your exercise. As a substitute, consciously draw the entrance of your ribs collectively as you interact your core. This may assist your ribs keep over your pelvis, which can naturally align your again. Hold the ribs engaged for the entire reps in every set. 

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4. Always Doing the Similar Routine

All the time doing the identical 5 or 6 glute-band workouts will result in a progress plateau. Glutes have so many muscle fibers that may be activated with a number of easy variations. If we contemplate the glute bridge, for instance, add variations like elevating ft on a bench, including weight to construct right into a hip thrust train, attempting single leg variations, or altering positions to do a clam in a facet plank in your knees.

You don’t want each variation daily. As a substitute, choose one or two variations to do in every exercise. Including variations will enable extra of your glutes’ muscle fibers to have an opportunity at activation, firming and strengthening. Extra energetic fibers means quicker outcomes. 

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5. Not Taking Care of Your Bands

Deal with your bands such as you would deal with a tube of lipstick. Bands will degrade if saved at excessive temperatures or in direct daylight. They will even degrade or turn out to be sticky if cleaned with harsh chemical compounds like typical gymnasium and family cleaners.

As a substitute, use yoga mat cleaner, or make your individual. You can also make your individual cleaner by combining vinegar or witch hazel with water at a 1:4 ratio. In the event you’d want a distinct scent, contemplate including a number of drops of tea tree, lemongrass, or lavender oil.  

And that if you’ve gotten youngsters or pets at house, keep in mind to retailer your bands in a spot that they can not entry them. Children and pets wish to chew on plastic and rubber, which presents a choking threat. Hold your family members secure by storing your bands out of attain

Aways examine your bands earlier than you utilize them. If they’ve even a small gap or tear, cease utilizing them in your exercises. Small rips can result in the band snapping; this presents a significant harm threat, particularly if the band flies towards your eyes.