40 thoughts on “Backpacking in Hoka’s?

  1. sindrome says:

    For what its worth, my Hoka Challengers do not have this stability problem. Also, more important than shoe stability is a combination of ankle stability/strength and trekking poles usage…at least for me. Also also, in theory I agree with your comment on stack height, but in practice 3mm more height is insignificant when considering the irregularity of a trail (i.e. actual distance to the ground on the side of your foot may be ±1cm or more depending on stones, roots or holes. This is also why I feel a shoe's drop is irrelevant on trail, I mean the pitch of the trail is always much greater than the 0-8mm of drop and can be in any direction, essentially rendering the drop meaningless).

  2. Craig Erskine says:

    I've been using the hoka sg4 wide since September. It felt like I'd roll my ankle at first but you get used to it very quickly and they don't feel unstable after a very short while. I guess the midsole beds in a little white quickly and gives the needed stability. Either way, one day of wearing around the house then 100 miles over 4 days on a rocky trail in VERY wet conditions and zero issues except one small blister when I was drenched and didn't realise I had a small pebble in the shoe. No issue since. The plastic laminated around sides has well, delaminated but they are still very much usable after maybe 400 miles of wear and the fabric used for the upper is still in perfect condition which is definitely a new thing for me… every other brand has holes at the toe creases at minimum after 400 miles.

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