How $20,000 1985 Chicago Air Jordan 1s Are Professionally Resoled | Refurbished

The Cobblers is a -repair store in Miami. The it is engaged on right this moment is a uncommon pair of 1985 Chicago Air Jordan 1s {that a} consumer introduced in to be resoled. The shoe is important due to its rarity, even in an previous situation. Michael Jordan’s authentic 1985 Chicago Air Jordan 1s bought at public sale in 2020 for $560,000. Available on the market, a very good pair can value anyw. from $20,000 to $30,000. As a result of the consumer wished to maintain the originality of the sneakers, they are going to be resoled utilizing a donor sole. The crew will undergo the method of how they do that professionally to present the soles a seamless end.

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How $20,000 1985 Chicago Air Jordan 1s Are Professionally Resoled


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36 thoughts on “How $20,000 1985 Chicago Air Jordan 1s Are Professionally Resoled | Refurbished

  1. Eli Riederer says:

    $20,000 for some old ugly shoes? This is what's wrong with America.

  2. Tom F says:

    20 THOUSAND DOLLARS for some F-ing shoes ….
    Some things are just to stupid to digest.
    The craftsmanship are amazing and the shoes are cool. Like a 5,5/10

    But 20,000$ for some average shoes from 85 makes me loose faith in humanity

  3. 迷子になっちゃいました says:

    Okay but why does the music sounds like funeral music 😂

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