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29 thoughts on “The BEST VAPORMAX Ever?! Nike VAPORMAX 2021 Review & On Foot-NEWS SNEAKERS

  1. IamChamp ROX Guillotine Cross Dual Dagger channel says:

    light weight person like me 63kgs will not prefer this shoes.. it really doesnt feel that good as other series.. go for Air Max 2090 is a lot better than vapormax..

  2. Perfect Cell says:

    Yoo great review. I think I’m going to give these joints a go. On a audio engineering tip, your audio quality sounds good but listening to this review with headphones on your ss’s popped up a lot & bugged me during it. I’m sure not a regular person matters or notice but just to enhance the quality of your content in post I would check them & DeEss it a bit if you mix audio

  3. Solo Dolo says:

    Can Yu stand in the rain without getting your socks wet. If so im buying

  4. Amir Torhan says:

    I got the old vapormax solely for the looks, I loved the look, the new ones is a huge downgrade in terms of design IMO, in fact it's even ugly now.

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