New YEEZY Revealed + Nike Caught StockX Selling Fakes-NEWS SNEAKERS

(YEEZY DAY 2022 UPDATE ) New YEEZY 450 utility black + Nike StockX Promoting Fakes

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47 thoughts on “New YEEZY Revealed + Nike Caught StockX Selling Fakes-NEWS SNEAKERS

  1. Dolla With The Locs says:

    Yeezy been droppin the ball. With trash drops and I can’t ever hit on confirmed

  2. Tehgreatist says:

    I was ready to buy those monogram gazelles until you said $850. nevermind!

  3. demian bell says:

    Really like the Gucci adidas collab, wouldn’t pay 850 though. Also the Prada collab was amazing imo, getting hypebeast press really makes no difference 😝

  4. Scott Almeida says:

    I’ve spent like 10k on Stock X and have never gotten a fake, just saying.

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