Artemisyeezys " BALENCIAGA TRIPLE S LIGHT BLUE " UA 1st impression sponsored review-NEWS SNEAKERS

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balenciaga sneakers s blue

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28 thoughts on “Artemisyeezys " BALENCIAGA TRIPLE S LIGHT BLUE " UA 1st impression sponsored review-NEWS SNEAKERS

  1. Kyle Reese says:

    These awfull blue shoes have absolutly none class,so they aren't made for ❤YOU❤(it makes like elephant feet😂🤣🤣)
    Your superbs❤LOAFERS❤ are made for YOU my lovely💘 classy beauty💘

  2. steve peanut butter says:

    Thinking maybe these Gym shoes were mostly around $85.95 but around $180? Wow they better be a great shoe hahaha

  3. 4mihigh says:

    Nice girl, horrible shoes! Looks like some crap Kiss wore on stage in the 70's.

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