Welcome to a brand new collection on the channel w. I rank my trainers based mostly on model! At the moment we’ll be beginning off with the beloved HOKA who actually began this development of excessive stack footwear – thanks HOKA! Now, are HOKA trainers any good? Completely. They’re incredible, however I do really feel they’re being out innovated in a number of methods by a number of the different working shoe firms. That is a subject for an additional day. Sit again, calm down and lets speak about my HOKA working shoe assortment.

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  1. Terence Tan says:

    My Clifton 7 2E was a little too wide while the Clifton 8 D is a little too snug. Lol. What can you do.
    Jury still out on the Bondi X with it’s short tongue which means I have to spend a few more minutes than normal just having to adjust the laces before each run to get a nice lockdown. But after that the Bondi X is nice for those long runs.

  2. Ray Sollars The Happy Jogger says:

    My line up in order of preference is as follows: 1. Mach 4, 2. Clifton 7 (retired, bought too small of a size!).Bondi 6, 3. Challenger ATR 6 (road/trail), 4. Torrent V1 (road/trail). In the future, due to innovation, the Bondi 6 will be replaced by the NB Fresh Foam More V3. I agree about the Mach 4, the speed to me comes from the fact it is light. I have never considered it "snappy" or "bouncy"—for that, I will put on my fav daily trainer, the ASICS Novoblast 2. Now that dude bounces like a rabbit!!! Twang! Twang! Tried the Bondi X on, that's a big NO and $200 it is a NO NO!! Don't care for carbon plated shoes except for the Atreyu Artist.

  3. Jarrod says:

    I’ve tried Clifton 7, Rincon, Rincon 2, Torrent, Mach 4, Bondi X, and Speedgoat 4. The only one I liked was the Torrent. Hoka uppers give me blisters, point blank. The midsoles are just meh. The Bondi X was okay but for $200, just okay is not okay.

    I only tried on the Mach 4 but didn’t feel inspired enough to run in it. The upper felt the same as other Hokas and made me feel like it was just going to be the same problems, different Hoka shoe.

  4. David Ernst says:

    I have five. My order is-
    1.Arahi 5
    2.Bondi 7
    3.Mach 4
    4.Rocket X

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