Is The Balenciaga DESTROYED Paris Sneaker Taking It Too Far?-NEWS SNEAKERS

unveiled its new line of “full ” footwear this week, prompting on-line criticism over the extraordinarily distressed aesthetic and hefty price ticket.

The luxurious trend home launched the distressed model of its Paris Excessive High Sneaker on Monday. The restricted version line retails for $1,850, and options “full ” detailing like rips, scuffs and what seems to be dust. It is greater than twice the worth of the usual Paris Excessive High Sneaker, which prices $625 for a non-distressed look.

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39 thoughts on “Is The Balenciaga DESTROYED Paris Sneaker Taking It Too Far?-NEWS SNEAKERS

  1. arceustheo says:

    Yes. I hated Denma because he was creating those ugly triple S sneakers 6 years ago, then liked him with his work on the X-panders + couture in recent years and now I'm disliking him again with the DESTROYED sneakers

  2. Kelllzzz Kellzz says:

    Someone was watching Zoolander,Saw Mugatu's "Derelicte" and said

  3. Alvin Anis says:

    Demna is definitely trolling at this point. This whole thing is just a social experiment to see how far people will spend their money under capitalism.

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