GPS Accuracy Issue Impacted Garmin, Suunto, and Polar Watches Over Past Week-NEWS SNEAKERS

Over the previous 7 days t.’s been a slew of parents with sure GPS watches seeing accuracy points, the GPS monitor is offset from actuality (normally in a particular route). This usually ends in GPS tracks w. the visible sample is perhaps right, however it’s not within the right location. Which means, it’s as if somebody shifted your route barely to the facet, in the end letting you stroll on water, or run via buildings. Alternatively, it simply may need bizarre gaps, or be outright dumpster-fire flawed. In principle, the problem ought to be resolved as of final night time.

This difficulty particularly impacted these with Sony GPS chipsets, which is basically a repeat of a difficulty that occurred 18 months in the past that was far larger reaching (for quite a lot of causes). The primary time, the problem occurred over the New Yr’s Vacation Weekend, and was the primary time these firms noticed it, which considerably slowed the response charge (and in addition, elevated how many individuals it impacted).

This time round, the impression was definitely measurable (as my inbox can attest to), however the period was extra restricted. It initially impacted folks final Tuesday/Wednesday (June twenty eighth/twenty ninth), then once more over this previous weekend and into the early week (July 1-July fifth). The variety of impacted watches is huge ., and basically any Garmin watch launched in the previous couple of years (however not most of these in 2022, as they use a special chipset), in addition to all Suunto/Polar watches, and theoretically all COROS watches besides the Vertix 2 (although, I haven’t seen any COROS studies, so maybe they’ve put in place a special filter).


Roughly talking, that’d be the next watches (plus the 29 million variants of those watches Garmin has):

– Garmin Forerunner 45/245/745/945/945 LTE/Fenix 6/MARQ/Vivoactive 3/4/Venu
– Garmin Edge 130 Plus, Edge 530/830/1030 Plus
– Garmin Enduro watch
– Garmin Intuition Collection 1 & Collection 2 watches
– Polar Vantage Collection, Grit Collection, and Pacer Collection Watches
– Suunto 5/5 Peak & Suunto 9/9 Peak

Once more, the above record shouldn’t be all-inclusive. T. are tons extra watches impacted, particularly from Garmin, which makes use of near-identical watches in varied different divisions such marine, golf, and aviation. Moreover, this might theoretically impression the Wahoo RIVAL & COROS watches (besides Vertix 2), although, I can’t discover any situations of individuals with points t.. Which implies both they had been reported, or they’ve put in place mitigations.

In the meantime, the Garmin and COROS watches not impacted are:

– Garmin Fenix 7 & Tactix 7 Collection
– Garmin EPIX Collection
– Garmin Forerunner 255 sequence
– Garmin Forerunner 955 Collection
– Garmin Edge 1040 Collection
– COROS Vertix 2

All of these watches use a special multiband chipset from MediaTek/Airoha, which isn’t impacted ..

The problem has to do with the ephemeris information file, additionally known as the EPO file (Prolonged Prediction Orbit) or Linked Predictive Ephemeris (CPE). Or just the satellite tv for pc pre-cache file. That’s the file that’s delivered to your gadget on a frequent foundation (normally each few days). This file is what makes your watch near-instantly discover GPS satellites once you go outdoors. It’s mainly a cheat-sheet of w. the satellites are for the following few days, or as much as per week or so.

Your watch or bike laptop routinely will get this file by way of Bluetooth Good out of your cellphone, WiFi, or USB, relying on the way you join your watch. Most firms ship it anytime your watch syncs and wishes a brand new model. So out of your facet, you by no means do something – it simply quietly occurs within the background. The info on this file was flawed, and thus the information your watch makes use of for these first jiffy can also be flawed – resulting in the offsets.

The excellent news is the repair is easy: Simply sync your watch to get an up to date copy. Garmin for instance says that in case your watch is related to your cellphone, as of final night time, it ought to have/be downloading a brand new EPO file, which can repair the problem. Garmin additionally says they’ve put in place blocks to make sure this doesn’t occur once more. Albeit, they stated that 18 months in the past too, so my assumption is no matter Sony did this time broke it in a brand new and particular method that wasn’t the identical as final time.

With that, hopefully that helps people perceive what’s occurring, and how you can repair it.

Thanks for studying!


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